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How it works

How Verst Carbon works


Project Onboarding

Carbon Project Avoiding, Reducing or Sequestering Carbon



Carbon Project added onto a Verst Carbon Pool of projects with similar characteristics



Carbon pool examined and verified by Verst Carbon Partners saving costs.


CC issuance

The Carbon Pool is issued with CC by relevant registry



The CCs are immobilized at the registry and tokenized by Verst Carbon


Project Onboarding

Carbon Project Avoiding, Reducing or Sequestering Carbon



Buyers select the amount of VCO2 to purchase based on vintage, source, project state and impact


DAO Approval

DAO Votes on which tokens to sell and once agreed are listed on Verst Marketplace


Token Storage

Tokens are stored in the pool wallet controlled by the pool member’s DAO



VCO2 Tokens Minted for each tCO2e and distributed to Verst Registry

Project Originator Journey

Carbon projects to be listed on the platform will include regenerative agriculture projects, to REDD+ projects, Biomass, Cookstoves, DAC, EV
Mobility, and Renewable Energy Projects. However, for roll out efficiency we will first begin with renewable energy projects.

Register Online

Carbon project originator creates online account on Verst Carbon. If it is a small-holder farmer and not technically savvy, our field agents will lend assistance. Due diligence will be conducted and terms and conditions of service provided to the customer.

Pool Opt-In

Project originator is added to a pool of projects with similar characteristics in order to facilitate collective verification by verifying bodies hence reducing the cost of project validation. If, project owner is capable of financing validation, they are taken to the verification request page, where project details are filled.


Project originator uses an on-platform tracking tool to track the progress of the verification process. Verst Carbon shall offer advisory services to project originators to help them prepare well for verification hence further aiding in shortening time frame.

Get Credits

Once credits are issued by the issuing body, if in a pool, the project originators will vote through the DAO on whether to hold on to the credits or sell them in secondary markets. If sold, the funds will be received into the DAO treasury that will be distributed to the individual project originators wallets.

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