Our Project Development Life-Cycle

Verst Carbon brings together stakeholders needed for end-to-end carbon project development. Project proponents onboard projects, investors access financing opportunities, DMRV Providers monitor digitally and VVBs validate and verify. Buyers get the opportunity to purchase carbon credits in our marketplace as spot and futures.


Project Onboarding and Approval

Project Proponents submit proposals for initial approval. Once accepted, a thorough assessment is conducted to ensure alignment with sustainability goals. In certain cases projects can be aggregated. For community projects, members and representatives and added to the projects and the benefit sharing agreements made.


Initial Due Diligence and Project Assessment

An initital examination and assessment of project feasibility and potential is conducted, establishing the groundwork for further development.


Project Developer Selection

Projects are listed to skilled project developers for expression of interest if they don't have a developer, successful developers take up the project and bring it to life.


Bankability Assessment

A rigorous evaluation of the project's financial viability and investment attractiveness is conducted by the developer and submitted for approval by our expertsbefore listing for financing, ensuring long-term success.


Project Funding

If financing is required, the project is listed to investors helping developers secure necessary financial support for project development through various funding mechanisms.


PDD Development with AI assistance

The Project Design Document (PDD) is crafted by the developer, thay can use our inbuilt AI PDD development tool for precision and efficiency in documentation


VVB Selection for Validation

Project proponents and developers jointly select a Validation and Verification Body (VVB) to rigorously assess and validate the project's adherence to established standards.


Validation Reporting

Compilation and submission of comprehensive validation reports by the selected to verify project compliance.


Project Implementation

The project proponent executes the project plan involves transforming conceptual ideas into tangible actions on the ground.


dMRV Provider Selection and MRV Report Submission

The proponent and developer jointly choose a Digital Monitoring and Reporting Verification (dMRV) provider and submit Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) reports for to the VVB for tracking


Project Verification by VVB

The chosen VVB conducts a thorough verification process to ensure the integrity of the project.


Carbon Credit Issuance, Listing, Sale and Retirement

The culmination involves the issuance, listing, sale, and retirement of carbon credits, marking the project's successful contribution to carbon reduction. Benefits are shared per the benefit sharing mechanism agreed upon during onboarding and funding.

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