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At Verst Carbon, we’re dedicated to making the process of offsetting emissions simple, transparent, and effective for both individuals and companies.

How to Offset Your Emissions with Verst Carbon


Calculate Your Emissions

The first step in offsetting your emissions is understanding your carbon footprint. We provide resources and tools to help you calculate your emissions accurately, whether they come from business operations, product lifecycle, travel, or any other source.


Choose Your Project

Once you know your carbon footprint, it is time to choose the project you wish to support. We host a diverse range of projects from all the 15 Sectoral Scopes, each making a unique contribution to carbon reduction and sustainable development. You can select the project that resonates most with your values and goals.


Purchase Carbon Credits

After choosing your project, you can offset your emissions by purchasing carbon credits. Each credit represents one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) that has been prevented from entering the atmosphere. You can purchase as many credits as you need to offset your emissions.


Receive Your Certificate

Upon purchasing your carbon credits, you will receive a certificate of offset, which you can use to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability to your stakeholders.


Track Your Impact

Our platform allows you to track the impact of your offsets, providing you with regular updates on the progress of the projects you support.

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